Statement for Unclear Labels of Taiwan’s “GV-R567HM-1GI Packaging”

Taiwan’s unclear retail packaging labels for GIGABYTE “HyperMemory™” HD5670 graphics card may have caused some confusion among buyers. GIGABYTE apologizes for any inconvenience caused. In order to better our product label descriptions, GIGABYTE will indicate the actual amount of on-board memory size on the retail box for every model equipped with “HyperMemory™ technology.” This action applies to worldwide retail boxes as well as GIGABYTE graphics cards equipped with “TurboCache™ technology.”


In regards to GV-R567HM-1GI discussion generating in various forums, GIGABYTE assures that this model has never been available elsewhere, and has thus been banned from selling since the end of August. Owners who have purchased this model in Taiwan are able to return or refund this product until the end of September.


HyperMemory™ Technology

ATI HyperMemory™ is ATI's innovative technology that enables a reduction in the amount of on-board memory on a graphics card without compromising its overall performance. Its advanced memory management technology makes more efficient use of all the available memory in computers with PCI Express technology. Graphics applications can share system memory and use fast on-board memory for real-time processing between the graphics card and the computer's memory. This ultimately increases the affordability of ATI's Radeon™ graphics technology.


TurboCache™ Technology

NVIDIA TurboCache™ technology utilizes the additional bandwidth of the PCI Express graphics bus to reach higher levels of graphics performance than traditional video memory solutions, delivering the performance and features you expect from NVIDIA graphics hardware. By allowing the graphics processing unit (GPU) to share the capacity and bandwidth of dedicated video memory and dynamically available system memory, TurboCache™ turbocharges performance and provides larger total graphics memory.